Holiday in Ramsau: A Celebration of The Best Of The Season

Celebrating The Best Of Holiday in Ramsau: Unveiling The Alpine Gem

Enveloped by the dramatic Dachstein Massif, the charming village of Ramsau am Dachstein is a picture-perfect alpine gem. This Austrian treasure offers not only breathtaking landscapes but also a myriad of memorable experiences. Let’s celebrate some of the best parts of this stunning region.

Alpine Adventures

Ramsau’s location in the Schladming-Dachstein ski region makes it a snow lover’s paradise. With excellently groomed ski slopes and cross-country trails, it’s an ideal destination for winter sports enthusiasts of all levels. During summer, the region transforms into a hikers’ haven with countless trails through arresting alpine scenery.

Rustic Charm And Culture

Ramsau exemplifies Austrian rural charm. Traditional wooden chalets dot the lush valleys, offering a warm and cozy ambiance that’s quintessentially Austrian. The village is also steeped in rich culture and traditions – from lively folk dances to seasonal festivals – encapsulating the vibrant spirit of Austria.

Gourmet Delights

The local cuisine of Ramsau is a treat for the taste buds. Country inns and mountain huts offer traditional delicacies, such as Kaiserschmarrn, Tafelspitz, and homemade Schnapps. Each bite is a celebration of local produce and culinary traditions.

Iconic Landmarks

Unveiling one of holiday in Ramsau greatest highlights – the Dachstein SkyWalk. This spectacular platform hovers above the alpine abyss, offering visitors a dramatic 360° panoramic view of the splendid surroundings. Also, don’t miss the enigmatic Ice Palace carved deep into the Dachstein glacier.

Bountiful Wildlife

Ramsau is synonymous with unspoiled nature, home to a plethora of Alpine wildlife. Experience these biodiversity up close with wildlife watching tours and birdwatching excursions. It’s not uncommon to spot deer, chamois, and spectacular bird species on your wanderings.


Ramsau am Dachstein celebrates the pure and vibrant spirit of the Austrian Alps – from outdoor adventures and cultural offerings to culinary delights and wellness retreats. When you experience Ramsau, you’re not just visiting a place; you’re becoming part of it.