Estela Arco: How Compounding Medications Can Improve Patient Compliance

Patient compliance, also known as adherence, is an essential linchpin in successful medication therapy. Ensuring that patients take their medications as prescribed is essential to positive health outcomes. A key component in fostering better adherence is compounding medications. In this article, Estela Arco will discuss how compounding can enhance patient compliance.

Customizing Dosage Forms for Ease of Use

Swallowing pills can be a challenge for many – including children, the elderly, or those with medical conditions affecting swallowing. Compounding enables pharmacists to create alternative dosage forms, such as liquids or chewables. These medicines can be easily consumed by patients who face difficulties with conventional forms.

Altering Flavors and Textures

The taste and texture of medications can significantly impact patient adherence. This compounding process is helpful, especially among children and elderly patients. it allows pharmacists to incorporate flavors that mask the unpleasant taste or alter the texture of medicines.

This makes them more appealing and palatable for certain patients. For instance, adding a berry flavor to a child’s antibiotic suspension, or changing the consistency of a medication – intended for a geriatric patient with swallowing issues.

Developing Allergy-Friendly Medications

Some patients may be allergic to certain components. These may include dyes, lactose, or preservatives, which are found in commercial medications. Compounding helps in these cases by creating formulations that omit these known allergens. This can effectively ensure that patients can adhere to their therapy – all without the risk of adverse effects.

Addressing Challenges in Pediatric and Geriatric Patients

Young children and the elderly often face difficulties with conventional medications. This is common because of their unique physiological and anatomical considerations. For that, compounding provides personalized solutions by adjusting medication dosages, formats, or administration routes. This is highly effective in meeting their specific needs, making it easier to comply with their treatment plans.

Offering Medication Alternatives for Specific Populations

Lastly, patients with unique conditions or lifestyles may require specific medication formats. These include people who are vegans, religious populations, or those with rare disorders. Estela Arco Compounding can provide customized solutions that cater to these populations. It can ensure that their therapeutic regimens are not compromised by medications.