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  • The Heartbeat of Change: Dr. Hari Saini’s PA Scholarship Initiative

    In the realm of healthcare, the heartbeat serves as a symbol of vitality, resilience, and life itself. Dr Hari Saini, a pioneer in the field of healthcare, orchestrates a transformative initiative—a scholarship program dedicated to Physician Assistants (PAs)—named The Heartbeat of Change. This initiative embodies Dr. Saini’s unwavering commitment to fostering excellence and innovation in

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  • Internal Medicine’s Approach To Mental Health: The Mind-Body Connection ByDr Hari Saini

    In the arena of health, mental health often plays an overlooked, yet critical role. Mental health problems, encompassing a range of conditions from anxiety disorders to schizophrenia, can disrupt a person’s thinking, feeling, and general ability to Dr Hari Saini interact with the world. In this narrative, we’ll unravel how internal medicine extends its role

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